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Closed cooling tower maintenance

In a closed cooling tower, a tubular heat exchanger (heat exchange coil) is placed in the tower, and the cooling effect is ensured through the heat exchange of forced ventilation, spray water, and circulating water. Its closed cycle characteristics can ensure that the water consumption is very small and the water quality is not polluted, which ensures excellent operation of the main equipment and prolongs the service life. When the winter season approaches or the ambient temperature is low, the spray water system can be stopped to achieve water-saving and energy-saving effects. With the increasing scarcity of water resources and the implementation of national energy-saving and emission-reduction policies, closed-circuit cooling towers will play an important role in the energy industry, power electronics, food processing, air-conditioning and refrigeration industries in the next few years.

First, the daily cleaning part

1. Set internal parts of the tower body, such as water tanks, spray pipes, and shower heads, to clean up dirt in a timely manner so as to avoid accumulation of scale dirt and clogging pipes.

2. Check the packing section to see whether there is dirt on it and if there is dirt, it needs to be cleaned in time to ensure the cleanliness of the heat exchange environment.

3. Clean the dirt on the surface of the fan blade, check the angle of the fan blade, the fan blade and the wind gap, and adjust it.

Second, routine maintenance section

1. Check whether the float ball of the copper ball valve in the collection tank of the closed cooling tower is damaged and is working properly.

2. Check whether the water tank is leaking at the sink and tower foot. If there is any leak, timely repair the glue.

3. check whether the terminal block of the fully-enclosed motor is in good condition, whether the motor rotation is different from the vibration, and whether the motor fixing screw is loose.

4. Check if the cooling tower speed reducer rotates normally. If there is any noise, replace the reducer bearing immediately to see if the blades are evenly distributed.

5. check the belt for damage, cracks, if necessary, replace the new belt, it is recommended to change the belt every 2 months.

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