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Closed cooling tower purchase knowledge and precautions

1) Closed cooling tower manufacturer's shell is made of high-quality resin, glass fiber, stabilizer and other materials, required to reach a certain thickness (gel coat thickness is not less than 0.3mm), hardness height, bending strength is good (not less than 250Mpa), good surface gloss. Special reminder: In order to save cost, some cooling tower manufacturers not only have poor quality of materials, they are easy to be aged, cracked, discolored, and the shell thickness and strength are not enough. The round tower may experience excessive vibration, which greatly prolongs the service life of the cooling tower. shorten.

2) The metal framework should be high-quality rigid materials, and anti-corrosion treatment technology in place, with excellent carrying capacity and corrosion resistance. Special reminder: The use of steel for closed cooling tower manufacturers should be national standard high-quality steel. In addition to stainless steel, other steel materials need to be well hot-dip galvanized, and the galvanized layer is required to be even and compact, but some cooling tower manufacturers use The quality of the steel is poor (thin), and the galvanizing treatment is not in place, causing the cooling tower hardware to be rusted and damaged in advance.

3) The filler should be made of high-quality P.V.C./P.P material that is resistant to ultraviolet rays and strong chemical resistance. The corrugation design is scientific, so as to achieve uniform distribution of surface air flow and high heat exchange efficiency.

Special reminder: The price difference of fillers with different quality is quite different, and the inferior brittle cracking speed of inferior fillers is very fast and it is difficult to use for secondary cleaning.

4) The motor has good insulation, good startability and reliable operation. For a direct-connected cooling tower that does not use a reduction gear box, the motor used should be a higher-order (more expensive) motor that operates at a lower speed and operates smoothly.

5) The fan requires a reasonable structural design, small wind resistance, large air volume, low noise, light weight, and high efficiency.

6) The amount of cold is sufficient. Special reminder: The actual size of some manufacturers' products is obviously inconsistent with the specification, and the actual volume of the tower is obviously too small, which is a typical way of cutting corners. Even if high-power and high-speed motors are used in this tower, the amount of air exhausted by the fans is increased. It is difficult to achieve a good cooling effect. At the same time, if the fan speed is too fast, it will not only shorten the service life of the fan and the motor, but also cause serious water droplet flying.

7) The type selection should be based on the actual needs of the device to determine the flow rate, too small to achieve the expected cooling effect, too large to cause unnecessary energy waste. For the square tower, in the case of a large tonnage, considering the smoothness of operation and energy conservation, it is advisable to use multiple fans for installation.

8) The overall design of the closed cooling tower manufacturers is scientific and reasonable. Under the premise of ensuring good heat dissipation (cooling), it should have a smooth appearance, good gloss, no fading, and easy maintenance.

9) When conducting on-site inspections, we should not only focus on individual model projects, but should do a comprehensive and comprehensive investigation on the overall quality of products.

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