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Cooling tower cooling coil antifreeze problem

In cold weather conditions, pay attention to the antifreeze of cooling coils, especially in the case of decommissioning of machinery and equipment. There are usually the following types of methods.

1. add antifreeze: When the local minimum ambient dry bulb temperature (air temperature) is -10°C or less than -10°C, add 20-30% of high-level antifreeze solution. According to the actual situation of flexibility.

2. Dry the water in the cooler with compressed air before shutting it down (and if it is not used for a long period of time), first drain the water in the closed cooling tower, then connect the compressed air to the exhaust hole, and then fill it from the drain. Excluding residual moisture.

3.  the use of electric heating treatment: When the ambient temperature is only about 0 °C, you can consider adding electric heaters or other heat sources in the pipeline or circulating water tank, to increase the surface temperature of the closed cooling tower, so as to achieve the purpose of antifreeze.

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