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ZXZ-H Closed Cooling Tower

Brand :BH

Product origin :Jiangsu, China

Crafted from decades of engineering know-how, the Advanced Technology cooling towers series from BingHe features state-of-the-art induced draft, counterflow technology to deliver superior operating advantages in any climate.  From performance to maintenance, they simply work smarter.

Product Highlights:

· Fully closed recycling with no pollution

· Easy installation with flexible layout

· Simple operation with stable operation

· Various application in condition of non-corrosion to heat exchanger

· Low operation and maintenance cost

· Long life span

· Improve production efficiency

· High reliability, stability and low breakdown

Principle of Operation


Warm water flows from the heat source through the inlet to the coils on both sides of the cooling tower. The spray water is driven by the spray pump and flows from the trough to the spray pipe. It is sprayed onto the surface of the cooling coil through the ABS nozzle and takes away the heat through evaporation. At the same time, driven by the induced draft fan, the wind from the tower on both sides of the Grille continued to enter the Tower's interior, and spray water direction to form a cross, take the heat out of the tower, from the top of the tower into the atmosphere.

During the operation of the cooling tower, it mainly consists of two closed circulation systems:

1. Internal circulation: The hot water flows from the heat source into the cooling coil of the cooling tower through the circulating water pump. Under the action of the cooling tower, the water temperature is lowered and then flows back to the heat source equipment.

2. External circulation: driven by the spray pump, the spray water is sent from the bottom tank to the spray pipe at the top of the cooling tower, sprayed onto the heat exchange coil through the ABS sprinkler, and some of the hot steam is discharged through the fan. The spray water falls back to the bottom of the sink.

Product parameters


Note: The data sheet is base on wet-bulb temperature 28℃(82.4℉),and the temperature drop is 5℃(41℉).

Product structure


1.FanAdopt special axial fan of aluminum alloy blade

2.DehydraterCorrosion-resistant PVC material, can reduce the water flow rate           to 0.001%.

3.Spraying SystemUsing a large flow rate basket nozzle, to ensure a continuous      and uniform distribution of water sprayed on the surface of the coil.

4.Heat Exchanger CoilsThe coils using copper, carbon steel pipe (galvanized) or       stainless steel pipe produced by high-pressure test, to ensure a large flow of fluid     extreme pressure cycle.

5.Air-inlet GrilleMade from corrosion-resistant PVC, the dual-channel design prevents and reduces the formation of algae within the unit.

6.Outer ShellThe use of imported super galvanized sheet is today one of the most corrosion-resistant galvanized sheet, the service life of ordinary steel 3-6 times. According to user requirements using stainless steel plate.

7.Spraying PumpHigh-flow, low-power, low noise, high-performance brand             pumps.


ZXZ-H series of cooling towers are widely used in Aerospace, Electronics, Instrumentation, Textile, Refrigeration units, Constant temperature and humidity, Casting, Forging, Quenching liquid, Melting furnace, Mold, Continuous casting machine, Rolling mill, Heating furnace, Electric arc furnace, Central air conditioning, Heat pump, Air compressor, Hydraulic oil, Injection molding machine cooling and other fields.


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